Sunday, April 22, 2012

Auto Accessory

Here in Dallas, it's practically a requirement to drive a car.  In fact for a lot of people, their car is an extension of their personality as much as that great bag or pair of diamond earrings you need with an outfit.  Recently, I've spotted a bunch of the new Fiats sporting around town.  They come in really great colors - sort of what I call "off-neutrals", but the super-charged high fashion version is the Gucci edition. That's right, complete with red and green stripes and GG logos on the wheels - now that's a car for any major logo fashionista!  On the other hand, some people like to take their cars and "personalize" them with images that showcase their own mindset.  These graphics become a tattoo for the automobile, and I've seen some major tattoos recently.  Check out the details on some low-riders I've encountered.  That's personal expression all across the board.

Gucci addition Fiat car
Logos on wheels

A beautiful "neutral" color that won't show dirt

Very sporty
Now this is personalization
No Armor All needed here

For the locals, they've captured the Dallas skyline (including the new Trinity Bridge)
A simpler version but still on trend for summer in a neon color!
Complete with tails


  1. Yeah, that is absolutely right. Dressing up a car could be compared to dressing up yourself. There are no rules, you make your own. No matter what, the outcome would speak volumes about your personality and bring fulfillment to the owner. I think the style nearest to my personality would be the sporty, neutral colored car.

    Nelson Heimer

  2. Many people make their cars look like a fashion pieces but it is not good and better for car efficiency. We need to pay attention on car performance and its maintenance by installing high quality parts & accessories. Bu this you have one of the best car in this world.