Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tribal Warrior

It was a global, tribal, warrior who walked many of the runways for spring/summer 2012.  I'm talking in so many ways - some literal and others fantastical - but always with a purpose and strength.  Ivana Helsinki showed clothes that were inspired by tribal prints with feather patterns and earthy colors, but the shapes were easy and relaxed.  The hairdo stylings reminded me of sprays of feathers or wispy haystacks.

Throw it on and go leather
Sundress simplicity
Ready for battle
Love the high-top hair 
Native poolside breeziness

All the way
All clothing pictured above from the Ivana Helsinki spring/summer 2012 show
The collection from Parkchoonmoo was an abstract warrior - a lady on a mission who knows her own power.  It was minimal and modern - almost avant-garde - and showed very little pattern except for an overblown abstract almost target symbol that had bleeding, tie-dyed edges.

Spliced and cut

Bandaged up
Moving target (this print was beautiful in person)

Sheer coverup

Harem jumpsuit
All clothing pictured above from the Parkchoonmoo spring/summer 2012 show
Dominic Louis gave us a men's (unisex) show that had already been to battle.  These guys were distressed to the max, but they won the war even though frazzled around the edges because the clothing was beautifully cut and draped in slightly off neutrals that made you look more than twice with great interest.

Worn and weathered

Rope dress

A maze of hair - gorgeous!
Delightful - love this color

The cool ease of linen
Woven extravaganza
All clothing pictured above from the Dominic Louis spring/summer 2012 show

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