Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick or Treat

Fun house scary
His makeup is a bit heavy!
Well by the looks of the date on my iphone, it's almost Halloween.  My, my how this holiday has changed through the years.  I remember as a child the leaves in my hometown would have already started to fall, the scent of bonfires could be smelled from blocks away, and carving jack-o-lanterns was something we did as a family which could possibly be turned into a pumpkin pie at dinner if your mother cooked.  Children kissed their parents goodbye and met up with other ghoulish friends and went for hours up and down residential neighborhood streets collecting Tootsie Pops and homemade popcorn balls all to run back home and spill all the goodies out on the floor to count how many treats had been collected.

Carving a pumpkin
Donut delight
Candy for this corny holiday
Today's version of Halloween for most isn't quite as wholesome as my past recount.  Marketing has become huge with this holiday, and friends in retail have told me they almost sell more decorative items for this scary night than they do for Christmas.  Unfortunately, you probably won't let your kids run loose in random parts of town gathering candy from strangers as malls have become the new playground for this activity.  I don't normally dress up for this day since my regular attire is costume enough; however, it was so fun to see all the crazy costumes that my colleagues came up with at work.  It appears to me that now every profession has a naughty version of Happy Halloween!

A dead bunny
Pin-up girl
Sexy hippy
I ask, "do blondes have more fun?"
Twisted up in a tornado
Fringe and shells
Below are a few snaps of me back in the day when I did dress up for the crazy festivities:

20 years ago
Rainbrow Brite and her posse
I made this costume (BTW this was years before David)

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